With a large scale facility with the state of the art technology, Ashwini Hard Chrome Pvt. Ltd. is offering an excellent process support across industry sectors and clients.

Ashwini Hard Chrome Pvt. Ltd. specializes in providing customized solutions for any application with every job being specifically tailored to meet the exact specifications of our clients. Our processes and technologies will cover wide ranges including cylindrical grinding operation, Hard Chrome Plating, Hydraulic component repair & manufacture and manufacture of Hard Chrome Plated rods.

We offer Grinding and Hard Chrome Plating for the size range of

  •    Up to a length of 4,000 mm length

  •    Up to 3,000 kg weight

  •    Diameter of 600 mm

Hydrogen Embrittlement Facility is also offered to Parts with a hardness of 32 HRC or greater will be baked for a minimum of 2 hours at 375° F after the plating process to relieve entrapped hydrogen.

Coat able materials: Steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, titanium etc.